Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April stitching report

Well April was a terrible month for stitching! I didn't pick up a needle for nearly half the month, which is shocking for me. I've really missed it. I did get my obligations done though and even finished the second block of Spring Snapperland, which I took up to my mum and dad's.

Yesterday I spent some time (not much!) stitching on my Quaker Stocking too.

This week I'm back to the regular SALs, and today I'm going to work on Evening in the Park. So, this month's report looks like this...

Quaker Friendship RR round 2
House exchange for Barbara

Finished stitching but not made up
Snow Bird

Made progress on
CHS alphabet
Quaker Stocking
Spring Snapperland
Evening in the Park


  1. I like your Snapperland! Very pretty.

  2. Both pieces look great, Nicki :) I love the way the stocking is coming along.

  3. Anonymous6:15 am

    Spring Snapperland is really cute! Lovely progress on your stocking too :) If you don't have any plans for the chart when you're done, could I trade with you please?

  4. Beautiful progress on both pieces! I just love those seasonal snapperlands - I need to get to work on my Spring too!

  5. Nicki, the stitching you did this month is INCREDIBLE! You went for quality over quantity - even my (oldest) son was totally impressed by the house exchange you sent. :)

  6. Your projects are looking good!

  7. You shouldn't feel like it was a bad month, Nicki! Both of your projects are coming along and the Snapperland piece is so sweet!! I count any stitching we get done in tough months a coup! :))

  8. Hi Nicki, can't recall how I linked to your blog. Your spring snapperland is looking great. I'm currently stitching the autumn snapperland at work. Its very slow going so there hasn't been a picture of it recently on my blog. I'm hoping you get this comment and email me more about your Quaker stocking. I've not ever seen one before and am interested in finding out the designer and pattern name. Thanks Julie - homerhobbsgracie@sbcglobal.net