Friday, April 27, 2007

Back again with a big thank you!

I'm back again from my trip to the Borders (the Scottish ones, not the book shop - you made me laugh Cathy!) I had a lovely but mentally tiring time. Lots of talking and travelling and catching up with my mum and dad. Lots of looking at places and houses too, to see where we might want to live if we move up there. All very confusing! Not much stitching got done but I do have a couple of things to post pictures of in the next day or so.

I came back to some lovely post. A combined birthday and welcome home present from dear Sylvie. Isn't this gorgeous? No surprises that there's a cat theme!

I love the wall hanging but there were other goodies too - a lovely cat kitchen glove, some beautiful silks (my favourite Gloriana Cranberry and a Vicki Clayton one), a cat chart I'd admired when Sylvie stitched it (with some leftover thread and beads), and a beautiful hand-made card.

Thank you so much Sylvie! I love it all.

I'm very behind on blog reading etc. now, so I hope everyone's OK. I know I have some emails for people wanting to join the ornament SAL too, so I'll get round to them before the weekend. Please bear with me.


  1. Glad you had a wonderful time - which side of the borders do you think you'll move too? North west or North East I live near to the NW borders.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. My Aunt lives in Newton St Boswells and has just sold up in order to move back up to near Glasgow. Its lovely around where she lives.

  3. You are welcome, my friend :) I'm glad you like what I sent, Nicki :)
    I didn't know the Gloriana silk was your favourite, I just thought it would be perfect for a red lover ;)

    I'm glad you had a great time with your parents :)

    I'll email you back as soon as possible.


  4. Oh! Sylvie is such a sweetie :)
    She made you an exceptional welcome home package :)

  5. Welcome back. The gift from Sylvie is wonderful - what a sweetie!

  6. those gifts are beautiful!!

  7. Welcome home!

    Wonderful gifts (for a wonderful giver!)!

  8. That cat banner is just gorgeous!! Sylvie did a beautiful job.

  9. Welcome back! You came home to some great mail! Lucky you. I love the stitching of course, but I'm very impressed by the oven glove! What a fantastic gift! I think it's great!

  10. What a wonderful gift from Sylvie. Great stitching and lovely goodies.