L for Lion

A very belated picture of last weekend's SAL with Karen on the Carriage House Samplings alphabet. This month is was L for Lion!

That's all the stitching I've done in the last two weeks except for working on an exchange piece that will be (I'm horrified to say) late going out. I've never been late with anything before and I'm very sorry. I really haven't been too well and there's been so much to do.

Following on from that, I think I'm going to have to cry off my SAL participation for the next two weeks. I hope no one minds. Feel free to carry on without me! I'll catch up later but I have a lot less stitching time right now and need to finish off the exchange and a round robin.

I also wanted to say thank you to people who offered to send me bits and pieces while I'm waiting for my stuff to arrive. With the amount I crammed into the suitcase I should have enough stitching to last the rest of the year, but thanks for the offers! The ship with our container doesn't dock until May 20th, so it'll be the end of May before we have any of our belongings.

Lastly, I'm way behind on blog reading - so apologies there too. I may have to read but not comment. I have hundreds of posts waiting to be checked. And I'm also off to visit my mum and dad on Wednesday, so I'll be out of touch again for another week. It's all go here!


  1. Anonymous12:38 am

    Lion looks great and the whole set look wonderful so far! I did finish Y, I need to dig it out and take a pic so that I can post it :)

    Sorry you've not been feeling too well, I hope you feel better soon {{{hugs}}}}

    Great progress on Toc II as well - it's looking lovely! I took mine in to be framed on Saturday and I can't wait to get it back! :)

    Take care!

  2. Your CHS alphabet looks wonderful :)
    Sorry you've been under the weather.
    I wouldn't worry about being late on the exchange...you've had a LOT going on in your life lately! I'm sure your partner understands :)

  3. You're back! I'm glad you all got home in one piece. I wouldn't worry about the exchange or the SALs. You must be so busy and exhausted from the move. And eventhough, you have returned home, everything is still different (than it was in NZ) and getting used to all that and seeing all your friends is bound to take up your energy. I know I don't react to change well, even if it is something I wanted. I always need an adjustment period.

  4. IT's looking so good, Nicki :)

    I hope you can relax a little and enjoy your stitching :) No worries over the exchange-it's prefectly OK :)

    ((((big hugs)))

  5. It looks wonderful!

  6. Lion is beautiful :)

    I hope you feel better soon. Take some time for yourself and relax, my friend :)

    BTW, you should receive a small parcel soon ;)


  7. Awww it's going to be hectic for a while hon. Love your CH alphabet! It's coming along beautifully.

  8. looks wonderful, i am in awe you are getting any stitching done with the whole moving thing and all it entails..
    and on top of that not being well
    {{hugs}} you poor possum..
    don't beat your self up for needing to ease off for a few weeks, heavens you are not super woman!!!!

  9. Beautiful progress on your lion. It is hard to believe that you are almost halfway done on your alphabet. It looks fantastic.

  10. wow ! that's looking very good ! A great work you did !

  11. I hope you are soon feeling back to yourself, I expect you are jet-lagged on top of everything else you have going on just now.
    CHS looks lovely , you have so much done !

    Take care and enjoy your time at your parents.

    BTW I had to smile at all of Martins boxes :;-)

  12. Your alphabet looks wonderful, Nicki. (((hugs))) don't worry about the blog reading! This is a crucial time in your life! We all understand, and have you in our thoughts :)

  13. Beautiful Lion! Don't worry about the blog-reading. I'm behind too, and I didn't move continents! LOL. Have a great visit with your family!

  14. Wow! It looks really great, Nicki! I love the antique look of it.

  15. You've been doing great work on your CHS alphabet! Have a wonderful visit with your Mum and Dad!!

  16. That's going to be huge when its done! Looking great!

  17. Love your CH Alphabet, Nicki... it's coming along beautifully!

    I hope you are feeling better soon and that things settle down for you a wee bit... I know how it is picking up the pieces and moving to another country... I moved from the US to Scotland... and back again... It's almost like you leave pieces of yourself scattered all about... It takes forever to get things sorted... Hope you and hubby and kitties settle back in soon... I know it's wonderful being home again!

    Have fun visiting your parents and I hope you get some rest! :-)


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