Monday, April 16, 2007

Photo Hunt - Clean & Hobby

I obviously missed last week's Photohunt because of the move, so here are two in one again.

First, for Clean, an old photo that speaks for itself (awwwwww...)

And for Hobby, something to do with Martin's hobby for once (see the left sidebar for a link to his site if you're interested).

See those big boxes? There were four more of those and they're FILLED with his soldiers. He definitely won on the 'which hobby takes up most space' challenge!

I'll be late posting next week too as I'm off to Scotland on Wednesday to stay with my mum and dad for a week (hurray!).


  1. It must be wonderful to be back home--especially when home is England. Enjoy!

  2. The kitties are adorable!

  3. Cute kitties! And I thought my other half took up a lot of space with his guitars and amps! Boys eh?!

  4. No problem about the SALing, let me know when you're ready. I might take advantage of a couple of weeks off, as I'm feeling busy at the moment. Hope you get settled soon :)

  5. The first picture is so sweet! As for the second one, must make you feel guilt-free about your own hobby! ;)