Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yet more stash!

For someone on the Wagon I seem to be doing very well for stash at the moment. The last two days have brought me a copy of the Just Cross Stitch 2003 Christmas Ornament magazine (bought off Ebay with birthday money), and yet more gifts from Holley.

Holley sent me Carriage House Samplings' Sampler Stocking and the Crescent Colors threads for LHN's Morning Berries, which she sent me a little while ago. It's all so generous and I feel a bit embarrassed about the amount of goodies - thank you so much Holley! I am very, very, very tempted to start Morning Berries right now!

I also have With Needle and Thread from Blackbird Designs coming in the post as a belated anniversary present from Martin!

I'm in a bit of a finishing mode today. I finally got round to putting Sweet Little Berries in the frame I bought for it about a year ago. I'm quite pleased with it - just a cheap frame but it looks quite nice.

I'm off to see what else can be dragged out and finished off for display!


  1. Anonymous1:03 am

    Great stash! Sweet Little Berries looks lovely in that frame :)

  2. OH, your framing looks just great :)
    Enjoy your new stash :)

  3. That frame is so perfect for Little Berries! And congratulations on your lovely new stash - enjoy! :D

  4. That frame is perfect for Sweet Little Berries - too cute! I know, I tried that wagon thing for a month - didn't work too well. I really need to try again! :) Love the new stash by the way!

  5. what a sweet framing job!looks just gorgeous!

  6. Great stash and you did a great framing job on Sweet Little Berries.


  7. Sweet Little Berries looks just right in that frame. Great job!