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Firstly, I meant to say yesterday that my Toccata II chart and leftover gold thread and perle threads are all available to go to a good home. I'd like to trade for something off my wishlist, so if you'd like them, let me know! I also have three Loose Feathers charts to trade - Garden of Life, Bluebird's Message and Moonlit Garden.

I also meant to let you know that I've fallen off the Wagon and off the Project Challenge! I was doing so well but HAED retired some of their artists and I just had to grab a couple of charts before they disappeared for ever - Linda Ravenscroft's Verdure and Marked One and Ian Daniels' Midnight Orchard and Scotland QS. I finished 28 projects for the Project Challenge (and 4 more in the last week, so almost 32!) and was on the Wagon completely for over 6 months. I'll just be spending very, very moderately now.


  1. I'd hoped to trade, but the only ones I have are the Sampler Girl charts, which I haven't yet stitched. Oh well!

    I think you've done an amazing job staying on the wagon for so long!!

  2. Hi hon,

    I'd love to trade, I have Random Thoughts by Drawn Thread to trade if you want.


  3. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Congratulations on the beautiful finish! It looks great!

  4. toccatta is stunning ( i know it is the wrong post to comment but i want ed to do two comments at once) thankyou for sharing the process and progress and taking us on the journey, it looks awesome

    and i love all the charts you chose
    to grab, especially verdure and Scotland.. good taste !!

  5. Your Toccata II finish is simply gorgeous! I think you did fantastic with being on the wagon. congrats on both!


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