Toccata II-sday and a new start

I've been secret stitching again most of the weekend while watching an absolute sport-fest on TV. Switching channels between Le Tour de France in London and Kent (how amazing was that?), the British Formula One Grand Prix (yet another podium for Lewis Hamilton!), and the Wimbledon finals (with a fantastic win for Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic in the mixed doubles to end it all). I found myself with a poised needle gawping at some wonderful bit of action more than once!

Anyway, here's the latest Toccata II picture. Just two more weeks to go! Wow. Working two motifs a week on this one has really worked out well for me.

I did put away the secret stitching for a while on Sunday though. I was pulling out some fabric and my eyes fell on my kitted up Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler. So, um, I started it!

The fabric is 40ct Georgia Clay - a gift from Vicky (thank you again!), and the threads are a mixture of all my red overdyed threads (the first one is Crescent Colours Apple Fritter). I thought it might be fun (and in the spirit of Quaker samplers) to mix and match the different reds as I went along.

I had a problem taking a photo - Lulu wanted in on the action...

Thanks for the comments on the last post by the way. The chart for Sheri's RR is Christophe Vacher's Sacred Hour, although the detail hasn't come out quite as well as the painting.


  1. goodness i miss last weeks post and then i am first this week.. how weird for me..
    I love how toccata is so close to a finish, it just looks awesome, and has shown how baby steps can lead to a finish!!
    and how spooky, i had my beatrix potter sampler out agian today mulling over what floss to use..
    i love your idea, it will be a stunner!!

  2. Great progress on the DT! And I love the BP sampler - I'll be looking forward to more progress pictures!

  3. Lulu looks very interested in your stitching LOL!

  4. Great progress on T2 and a nice start on your Quaker. Wasn't the mixed doubles fab :)

  5. Anonymous7:08 am

    We enjoyed the Mixed Doubles too!

    You're so close to finishing TII - you've done really well to stick to your schedule on this one.

    Lovely start to your Quaker - the idea to use all your different reds is a good one - I might have to borrow that sometime ;)

  6. Woohoo, a new start! It will be gorgeous with all the different reds. Toccata is looking beautiful too!

  7. BP is going to look gorgeous with all those variagated reds! Can't wait to see how this progresses.

  8. Your Quaker is so tiny!!! It will be gorgeous :)

  9. Your toccata is looking great! Are you doing that BP sampler on 40ct over one???? (faints) The fabic is really perfect for the threads. Love the reds! Can't resist the reds! Lulu looks like she want to help you!!! What a cutie!

  10. Great start on your BP sampler. I have that chart, but haven't decided on threads or fabric yet. Your reds look amazing!

  11. Love your DT piece. It is so pretty.

    Who is the designer of the Beatrix Potter Quaker? You have made a lovely start on it.

  12. Hi Nicki! Oh, Toccata II looks gorgeous - that is one of my favorite DT's (along with The Sanctuary) - and your color choices for the BP Quaker are excellent!


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