July stitching report

It's been another busy week and it looks like I might only be blogging once or twice a week from now on. Life is certainly fuller here than it was in New Zealand! And the great news is that summer has finally arrived. It's been really warm the last few days and today is beautiful too. I'll be sitting out in the garden proofreading later. It was beautiful in Cambridge yesterday - I wish I'd had my camera with me to take some photos to show you. Such an English day with roses blooming and people in the parks. It was wonderful!

On to the stitching... I spent four days working on Garnet last weekend and I made a lot of progress. I was sorry to put it away but I have some secret stitching I'm working on.

And here's this month's stitching report:

HAED RR round 5
Little Critters exchange
Redwork gift
Toccata II (Drawn Thread)
Quaker Stocking (Carriage House Samplings)

Finished stitching but not made up
Seasonal exchange 1

Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler
Gift for a friend

Made progress on
Blackstone Fantasy Garden

I'll leave you with some pictures of Lulu enjoying a ray of sunlight. She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her month but the little terror brought us another bird at 4.30 this morning. It was unhurt, just shocked, and we managed to rescue it and it flew away. She's a good hunter but I wish she wasn't!


  1. Wow, that's some impressive progress on your new progress!

    Lulu cracks me up. She does indeed look like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!

  2. Garnet is looking good! Tht a lot of progress for 4 days!
    Lulu is darling! What a sweetie bringing you a giftie!!!

  3. Lulu is beautiful!

  4. Awww Lulu. :) I hope this weather stops with us for a while now and we have seen the last of the rain for a bit.

  5. Garnet is gorgeous! Love the colors in it. And Lulu is a sweetie.

  6. Awww, Lulu is SO beautiful!

  7. Looking forward to watching Garnet take shape!

    I've heard of people here in Australia putting little bells around their cat's necks to stop them from hunting. Maybe you could try that?

  8. Fantastic progress this month. Garnet looks like it is going to be a gorgeous piece. I really like the pinks and reds in it.

    Cute pics of Lulu!

  9. This wasn't a new start was it?! If so I have no idea how you got that much done in a single weekend. Are you another stitching octopus like Jan? :)

    Lulu is gorgeous. I don't know if Tash's suggestion of a bell will work. If the cat is smart they can learn to walk so that it doesn't ring, and by the time it rings when they pounce it is too late. My little man did that. Now he doesn't wear a collar at all 'coz the little s**t learnt how to take them off. I got sick of buying new collars.

  10. Lulu is so pretty...
    surely she could do no wrong???
    ilove garnet, you did heaps!! the colours are so pretty stitched, must have been fun sttiching them!

  11. You have certainly made good progress in 4 days!! I'd love you to take pictures of Cambridge as I actually fancied going there last week but a little too far for a trip, I really miss it sometimes :-)) Hamish (my dog) should never meet your cat Lulu as he jumps up in the air quick as a flash to catch and kill instantly the birds who dare come into our garden, between them both we would have none left!! I had no idea these little Westie dogs did that! Then again he is a terrier.
    Have a nice weekend Nicki :))

  12. Love those pictures of LuLu in the sunlight! She looks brown :-)


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