One, two, three, four... SALs

It's high time I showed you some updated SAL photos, so here we go!

First, my Friday SAL on Blackstone Garden Fantasy. I haven't managed to get a lot done but I have been putting in a length or two of thread most weeks. I love the colours - it's really coming together.

Then last weekend's SAL with Karen on the CHS alphabet. I did N for Needle this month.

Then my Sunday SAL on Beatrix Potter's Quaker. Again, I've been putting in a length of thread here and there.

And last but not least, Monday's SAL with Lina. I didn't have a lot of time but I did almost get one side of part 5 finished.

I have a day off today. Hooray! It's my first day off for nearly 2 weeks and I need it. I was exhausted yesterday. But we're now owed a fair bit of money for the work I've done so it's worth it. I celebrated by buying some clothes for the first time in possibly about 4 years (I can't remember the last new clothes I bought!) and we have a bottle of fizz in the fridge for later.

We're also celebrating my Dad's birthday (though he's in Scotland we'll be having a drink for him!) He's been in and out of hospital over the last few weeks but he's home and getting better now. Nothing too terrible - a gardening gash on the leg that turned into cellulitis and then a bleeding stomach ulcer on top - but it's taken it out of him and it was scary when he collapsed because he's normally so fit and healthy.

And lastly we're celebrating the fact that we have a legal, taxed and registered car! It's taken months to get through all the red tape but we have wheels at last. A triple hooray!


  1. Anonymous11:28 pm

    All your WIPs look wonderful! N is really sweet and I love the progress on your BP Quaker.

    Glad your Dad is getting better and enjoy a nice relaxing w/e after all your hard work! :)

  2. Great, great stitching Nicki.
    Enjoy your day off! You certainly deserve it!!
    I'm glad your Dad is better - I bet that must have been pretty scary for you all.

    Have fun with your car! :)

  3. Fantastic WIPs, can't decide which I like best! Enjoy your day off.

  4. Wow Nicki, all your WIPS look amazing. Enjoy your day off!

  5. Enjoy your fizzy and happy birthday to your dad!

  6. Lovely work! I especially love Blackstone Fantasy. I've considered getting that one myself.

  7. I love all your WIPs - especially M8 (love love love) and the colours you've chosen for Blackstone Garden are so perfect!

    Congrats on the car - and the day off! (I releate to that - I'm getting two days off this Monday & Tuesday, the first in 3 weeks - can't wait, it's sad that I'm so excited!)

    I hope your dad continues to feel better.

  8. Love all your WIPs Nicki. You stitch such gorgeous designs.

    Enjoy your day off. Guess I'm going to have to get used to being a working girl sooner or later after I looked at univerisity for my eldest DD!!

    Hope your Dad is better soon.

  9. Just beautiful! I love what you are doing to your BFG. :-)

  10. Lovely WIP!
    Sorry to hear that your Dad did'nt fell well, but I'm glad is better now.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Enjoy your day off! And your new clothes :)
    You have such lovely WIPs!

  12. Wow! That's a lot of SALs but they all look great!

  13. Your works are beautiful, really inspiring! I hope your dad gets better soon.

  14. Days off are glorious, enjoy it! I love the WIPs photos, especial the Beatrix Potter. What color of floss are you using?

  15. Oh my goodness your poor Dad!! Glad to hear he is on the mend now though.
    Your WIP's all look fab and I am so pleased for you both that your car is now all legal and you have wheels again, there is nothing like it!!

    Have a nice Sunday Nicki :)

  16. wow, you have been super busy with all those SALs. They look amazing!

  17. Oh wow! All your pieces are looking lovely. I just love Tomboy - she is awesome!


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