Sunday, September 09, 2007

Stitching and planting

A couple of belated piccies of some recent stitching for you. First up is my CHS alphabet SAL with Karen. I stitched 'O' last weekend - a cute little octopus. He was quite quick to do.

Definitely not quick to do was Tash's HAED RR. I seem to have been working on this for weeks. By far the most colour changes of any of the RRs I've done and I thought being a 'black and white' chart it would be faster! It's finally done though so I hope Tash likes it. It's a bit of 'Scotland' by Ian Daniels.

Talking of Scotland - we're off to visit my mum and dad on Wednesday, back on Sunday. A flying visit!

Lastly, I've been busy doing a little gardening. I took myself to a nearby garden centre on Friday and bought three pots and some plants. Here they are and I'm really pleased with them. They should brighten up the autumn and be interesting right through to spring.

The largest pot contains autumn-flowering cyclamen, a couple of varieties of tulip, and orange (Fire King) wallflowers, so in spring it should be wonderful. The middle one has a skimmia, winter-flowering heather, snowdrops, and two hellebores, so should look nice for winter, and the little pot has Imperata cylindrica rubra, which goes red in the sun. Lovely. A bit of a red theme unsurprisingly with much inspiration taken from Sarah Raven's Bold and Brilliant Garden. I've used a photo for my new header as the rose picture was long out of season!


  1. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Wow, doesn't that HAED RR look great! I love seeing them but I don't think I would have the patience to stitch one. I hate confetti stitching ugh!

    Beautiful flowers you have there. I like the pots too. They would look good in my garden.

  2. The HAED piece you've stitched is really lovely! I agree with Little Grey Cat, they're really beautiful to see but it takes great patience to stitch them, and I don't think I've got it!
    And wonderful flowers too, great choice!.

  3. Wow The HAED RR looks fabulous!! Just gorgeous!

    I was so glad that CHS has released the alphabet as one chart I've always liked it but dreaded trying to collect up all the little charts.

  4. They both look lovely as do your pots.

  5. Great progress on the alphabet and that RR is amazing!

  6. The HAED RR is wonderful. I love your Octopus too :)

  7. Great flowers! And your HAED RR is stunning! I love the CHS alphabet, too. :D

  8. Sciotland is breathtaking!!
    did you use the fullsize or Qs chart.. looks like the qs but i am not sure..
    her eyelashes are gorgeous

    ilov eht ealphabet as you know.. i am going to have to think really hard about buying now it is all together

  9. Love both these pieces. The HAED RR is amazing.

    The pots are lovely. I really should do something like this to brighten up my patio.

  10. The HAED RR is looking amazing. I love how you've taken parts of patterns to stitch up.

    The flower pots are gorgeous, I love all of those colors. You put a some thought into having color through the seasons.

  11. Love your Scotland for the RR - she turned out beautiful! The flower pots are fantastic.

  12. Oooh Nicki, Scotland is gorgeous! I'm so lucky, I can't wait to have her in my hands! Sorry that it was such a pain to stitch, but I assure you that I appreciate it!

    I love your CHS alphabet by the way. Do all the letters come in one chart, or do you have to buy them separately?

  13. Those are all gorgeous. The HAED RR is looking awesome! I love the details in the black and white charts.