Highs and lows

More progress stitching. I seem to have got a little rotation going on with these two projects. Their Song for travelling and days when I'm commuting and get home late; Garnet for other days when I have plenty of stitching time!

Here's Their Song:

And here's Garnet:

I had a lot of time stitching while watching the Rugby World Cup this weekend, which brings me to those highs and lows. Joy for England and tears for the All Blacks. I suppose the good thing is I don't have to worry over who to support for the semi-final!


  1. Both pieces look fabulous, Nicki :)

  2. GREAT stitching, Nicki!!

  3. Love your Blackbird design. Are you using the colors called for in the instructions? You are a terrific stitcher.

  4. she gets more and more beautiful, that eye is so delicate..
    and how funny the all blacks getting beaten.. made aussie loss almost palateable
    yes i know england beat oz.. but really we didn't have much of a team i doubt many people thought we would get that close

  5. Both pieces are looking wonderful!

  6. Love both your WIPs Nicki. Garnet is just gorgeous. The colours are so bright and cheerful.

  7. Both pieces are gorgeous! And what fun to have two so different pieces to be stitching on.

  8. Both projects are looking great... love the HAED!

  9. Your projects are looking lovely-Garnet especially!



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