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Your Score: Claire Bennet
You scored 41 Idealism, 33 Nonconformity, 33 Nerdiness

I walked through fire and I didn't get burned.
Congratulations, you're Claire Bennet! You are a sweet person who wants to be accepted and fit in. However, you're learning to embrace the side of yourself that's special and unique and are becoming a much stronger person for it. Keep it up, and you might be indestructible. ;) Your best quality: Sweetness Your worst quality: A fear of being different

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I love the show Heroes. I've been waiting ages for it to air on the BBC. Would you believe we were halfway through watching it back in March in New Zealand and it's only just caught up here in the last few weeks. Crazy! It's even better the second time round though - you spot all the links between characters faster.

There's a Chatelaine SAL at the end of November and I thought I might give one of my older WIPs a bit of a bashing. But which one? Vote in the poll in my sidebar!


  1. We love Heroes, too!! :D I did the test and came out as Matt. Unexpected.

  2. We love Heroes too and love all the twists and turns! Think I'll have a go at this test:)

  3. I have never seen or heard of The Heroes but will look out for it now. I did however do the test and came out as Simone Deveaux and the description with that name sounds OK by me lol


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