September stitching report

It was the retired artists SAL on the HAED BB this weekend, which meant I had 3 days stitching on Garnet and I now have half of an eye and a finished page! I really enjoy stitching on her - must be all the red.

The original artwork is here if anyone wants a peek.

And that brings September to an end...

HAED RR round 6
M is for Mother
Redwork exchange
Quaker Friendship RR round 5

Finished stitching but not 'finished'
Harvest Time exchange

Their Song

Made progress on
CHS alphabet
Fruit & Floral Wreath
Evening in the Park

I'm not sure what to carry on stitching now. I should work on Martin's Napoleon but want to keep going on Garnet. And I should work on Fruit & Floral Wreath too - it's been around for a long long time! Any suggestions?! I'll think about it today while working on my SAL with Lina.


  1. Garnet is a beautiful design! I'd say, stick with it for a bit longer if you're enjoying stitching her so much :)
    Hugs to you Nicki :)

  2. Oh my stunning....seriously stunning :)

  3. Garnet looks fabulous! I say continue with her for a bit!

  4. It looks like you've gotten a lot accomplished in September. Lovely work done on Garnet - how cool to see the eye taking shape.

  5. Garnet is gorgeous Nicki! I'd definitely carry on with her:)

  6. i think i already chanted this on the haed BB but i hope you keep going on ehr for a while she is BEAUTIFUL.. you achieved so much , i am sure you could do a few days more???

  7. Lovely! I just love this one, she's gorgeous!


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