Saturday, December 01, 2007

November stitching report

It's December! I'm feeling Christmassy already. Obviously a backlash against three Christmases in New Zealand where I didn't feel remotely festive. Christmas in summer just does not work for me!

It's not been a terribly productive month stitching-wise. Most of it has been spent stitching two exchanges. The good news is that I finished stitching Barbara's seasonal exchange yesterday and just have to make it up over the weekend. I hope I have time - we're off to visit friends we haven't seen for... hmm.... probably almost 4 years! I have been working on Their Song on the train though. Just a couple of hours a week but it adds up and I'm nearly finished. Here it is (crumpled from my handbag) with this month's round-up:

LHN exchange
Quaker Friendship RR round 6

Finished stitching but not 'finished'
Autumn Seasonal exchange

Made progress on
CHS alphabet
Their Song
Winter's Eve
Medieval Times


  1. Their Song is looking great, and so close to being done. Good luck on your goals, and I know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to exchanges eating into regular stitching time. Somehow I've ended up with 4 excahnges I need to either finish, or mostly finish in Dec.

  2. Don't stress over finishing my seasonal exchange this weekend - enjoy your friends! :) I'm hoping to finish Cathy's tomorrow ...

  3. You worked on a lot of pieces this month. Love the progress on Our Song.

  4. Gorgeous, I need to get mine back out after I finish up my "have to" stitching :-).

  5. Their Song is looking lovely Nicki. I do love the colours in this piece.

    We put our Christmas tree and decorations up in the living room today and that make me feel much more in the Christmas spirit than I ahve done so far. Will do the dining room tomorrow:)

  6. Nicki your stitching is looking great. I've loved seeing your progress on Their Song and can't wait to stitch it myself in the new year. What a beautiful box you had the other day too. Lucky you to have the postman bring you such goodies stitched by such lovely pals!

  7. Their Song is looking wonderful, I may have to buy that pattern now-lol!!!

  8. It's looking good! Nice work!

  9. Even crumpled it looks great. Congrats on all the November finishes and progress made. Enjoy your friends and a winter Christmas

  10. Great progress on Their Song - it looks wonderful!