2008 stitching goals

Anyone up for a giggle at next year's goals? I've decided to post these a bit early before I sign up for anything else. I think I've overdone it already!

I really must:
Stitch two Seasonal exchanges for Barbara DONE!
Stitch a Winter House exchange DONE!
Stitch Wanda's HAED RR DONE!
Carry on with monthly CHS alphabet SAL FINISHED!.
Carry on with Evening in the Park SAL We stopped our SAL on this
Work on Martin's Napoleon piece each month Three months done...
Stick to the HAED SAL weekends Five months done...
Stick to the Sampler SAL weekends Two months done... given up - too much to do!
Finish more than I start!

I really want to:
Stitch Spot of Spring and Summer DONE!
Start a second HAED RR Decided against this - too much to do
Start a Little House Needleworks RR DONE! Started 21/2/08
Start a one motif/band a week routine DONE! Started 1/1/08

I hope to
Finish another 12 pages of Napoleon One page done...
Finish Medieval Times
Finish Evening in the Park
Finish the CHS alphabet DONE!
Finish Earth
Complete at least three blocks of Leanne's House quilt One done...

It would be nice to:
Stitch another CHS chart
Start another Christmas piece DONE! Started Royal Holiday 1/2/08
Finish at least three more things from the Waiting in the Wings list
Reduce the WIP list to 15 or less

A review of my 2007 goals will follow at the end of the year. I'm not done stitching this year yet!


  1. Wow! You've got a great list there, I'm sure you'll accomplish a lot next year!!! Good Luck!

  2. You're an inspiration, Nicki!!

  3. Wow, Nicki, that's a huge list!! Good luck!

  4. That looks as BIG as my list! Good Luck if anyone can do it you can!


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