A green blob

Here's Napoleon. One and a bit pages finished out of 72. Quite a long way to go!

Don't forget to vote in the poll. It should be set up so you can vote once a day if you like!


  1. oh my goodness that look sso hard..
    i know i am a 1x1 stitcher , bu ti think that would defeat me doing a page of those colours..
    i have now voted for beatrix potter twice..
    if you start her i probably will too.. lol

  2. I love the colors, but I would be so absolutely blind at this point! I tip my hat to you, ma'am!! :D

  3. Looks great! I've started some Wisteria in my GK chart... I couldn't resist oozing over into page 2 to start some purples!

    How are you storing your blends?


  4. Long way to go but it'll be amazing when it is done! Martin does realize he is not allowed to change his mind about this, right? ;)

    Good to know I can vote more than once. You have so many wonderful choices, I haven't been able to pick just one :)

  5. Wow! 72 pages, huh?! Great start though!


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