Thursday, December 13, 2007

New poll and rotation

Edited on Dec 18th: Due to pressure from a certain someone (you know who you are!) I'm now going to be working on Beatrix Potter's Quaker every third weekend! I may not do much as I really want to make progress on Napoleon, but I'll try to do a motif every month. This gives me 8 active WIPs - plenty to keep me busy!

There's a new poll up so go and vote! This is for the 'workday evenings' slot (see below) once Medieval Times is finished.

By popular demand (squeaking in by a marrow margin!) my first 'one motif a week' sampler will be Drawn Thread's Sampler Game Board. To be started in the New Year.

I've also been doing yet another revamping of my stitching rotation and for the foreseeable future I'll be stitching like this:

Once a month - CHS alphabet block with Karen
Once a week - one sampler block or motif (feel free to join me if you'd like - anything counts!)
Mondays - SAL with Lina
On the train - something small and portable (currently Their Song)
Workday evenings - gifts, exchanges, RRs or something easy to pick up for a few minutes or so (i.e. not a HAED!)
Second weekend each month - a HAED chart (which one tbc, possibly Earth)
Third weekend every month - Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler (probably just one motif a month)
Other weekends - Napoleon

Hopefully I'll make good progress on Napoleon for Martin (which I estimate will still take up to 5 years to complete!), slow but steady progress on my other big projects, and have a few starts and finishes with the travel projects.

It's a very flexible rotation with just Mondays and one weekend fixed. It's also cut my active WIP list down to just a few projects. I'm hoping I'll slowly finish each one and then work through the rest, getting them all finished eventually. Well, that's the plan.... Don't laugh too much!


  1. Anonymous1:30 am

    Not laughing here (honest!) ;)

    Sounds like a good plan :) Looking forward to your progress on SGB - I've finally decided to finish mine into a cushion, just need some fabric.

    I might join you on the one block/motif a week thing - I was so impressed with the way you finished ToccII in such a short time doing it this way. I'll need to decide on a project though.

    Thanks for your email, will reply very soon!

  2. Great goals Nicki! I'm so impressed with your ability to stick to a rotation :)

  3. Best of luck with your new rotation!

  4. Love your rotation. Now I am off to take your polls :-).