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A little bit of a catch up post with progress pictures...

First, my Monday SAL with Lina. I'm a good way through the second corner for part 6. Loving the colours!

Then Medieval Times - a good way through the second half of part 5.

Then Napoleon - a second page done (and a little extra), which makes me 1/36th finished! It's looking great through and I think Martin likes it (he'd jolly well better like it!)

And lastly, my new travel piece. I finished Their Song on Tuesday (pic coming when I've ironed it!) so I had a quick peep through the stash and found LHN's Pear threadpack. I'd actually stitched the brown border then stopped for some reason. So all the green is yesterday's train journeys. It gives you an idea of how much I get done each trip. Slow but sure!

I'm on holiday now - hooray! My first official time off since May and nearly two whole weeks too. I plan to hunker down and stitch and watch any good films that are on the telly! In fact I'm popping into the town later and I'm very tempted to see if I can find Holiday Inn on DVD to get me in the mood. Not that I need getting in the mood - I'm feeling quite festive already. The decorations are up, the pressies are wrapped, the turkey gets delivered tomorrow and I think all we need is some brandy to pour on the Christmas pudding!


  1. Oh wow I love how Evening in the Park is coming along and MT is looking fantastic!

    You will more than likely have the LHN Pear finished in no time:)

  2. Great progress.
    Thank you for the lovely Christmas card and thread.


  3. Great progress on all your lovely pieces.

  4. Great progress on everything Nicky. I especially like Evening in the Park, the colours are just gorgeous. I'm sure you'll have the LHN finished in no time.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year!

  5. Wow, they all look fantastic! I am amazed by your progress on Napolean. Keep up the good work.

  6. They all look wonderful Nicki!! Evening in the park is splendid!

  7. All of your pieces look beautiful and are showing great progress. I really enjoyed Holiday Inn - it will definitely get you in the holiday mood!


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