Long lost stash!

There's reason to celebrate today - an order I placed back at the very beginning of December finally arrived! I had asked for a couple of things I knew would need to be special ordered but I didn't think it would take this long!

I've finally got bellpull hardware for Winter's Eve and buttons for Spring Snapperland, and the three LHN coffee threadpacks snuck in there too somehow... Also shown is my December Fabric of the Month from Shakespeare's Peddlar, which also arrived today - a lovely cream Lakeside Linen.

Not shown is the chart I'm going to stitch for Barbara's Winter exchange (I'd hoped to get it finished by now and I haven't even been able to start!) and the extras I ordered to put in with my Winter House exchange. I waited and waited but finally sent the stitched bit of the exchange last week. The extras will have to follow on!

And speaking of stash - have you seen the new Loose Feathers? Oh dear. It's so me. I think I'll have to join up this year!


  1. Anonymous8:58 am

    My LL FOTM arrived today too - I love the colour and I've already started Strawberry Garden on it! :) It's a perfect colour for this design.

    Go on, sign up for the new LF! You know you want to (I already have, if that helps to enable you ;) )

  2. Oh hooray!! I did sign up for this year's Loose Feathers because I was so thrilled with last year's.

    I'm really curious about the design you'll be stitching for the winter exchange ... ;)

  3. awesome stash! Loose Feathers sounds so interesting - with the bonus of the sampler at the end using motifs from each pattern. Too kewl

  4. ohhhh Nikhy cuantos trabajos mas hermoso.....mis felicidades... este cuadro grande guaooo

  5. Yummy Stash!! I too am totally in love with the new LF! It wont' reach us in Oz till mid Feb, but it is something to look forward too!

  6. I'm still trying to talk myself out of the new LF!!

  7. Oooh, lovely new stash! Love the colour of your FOTM. :)


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