New Year inspiration?

I have something I wanted to (hopefully) inspire you with.

Last year I stitched Toccata II, SALing with a friend. In just over 6 months we both managed to finish it doing only two motifs a week. That's only an hour or two each week (depending on the motifs).

I'm going to try something similar this year and I'd like to encourage anyone to join in. Pick anything and just do a motif or two each week, whenever you can. Or a band, or a length of thread, or one hour or two on a UFO or old WIP. You'll be surprised how your piece grows, and before you know it you'll have finished something!

And just to inspire you further - if anyone is looking for something to stitch why not try this:

Maryse's Sampler

To translate roughly - it's a freebie sampler from the very talented Maryse (who gave us beautiful houses last year that I meant to stitch but didn't get round to) and one piece will come out each month. The first nine months will be nine blocks each and the last two will be the border. It will be seasonal and have the alphabet, houses, flowers, fruits, trees and animals on it. The image there isn't what it'll look like - that's just the general layout - the actual blocks are a mystery! It's 189 x 189 in size, 9 blocks by 9 blocks. Part 1 and the list of DMC threads needed is already out and so far it looks lovely!

In fact, I was going to stitch Drawn Thread's Sampler Gameboard for my two motifs a week but this looked like so much fun I did this last night while waiting for the new year to arrive...

Apologies to those of you who voted in the poll! The Sampler Gameboard will be up next. In fact there's a new poll up again. The last poll turned into a battle between Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler and Blackstone Fantasy Garden, so I'm going to do both! Beatrix Potter for a Sampler SAL every third weekend and Blackstone when I finish Medieval Times.


  1. Anonymous6:00 am

    Nice start Nicki!

    I'll be pulling out SWaK this week and doing my 2 squares :)

  2. Thank you for the great idea! I have a couple of pieces in mind that might work using this strategy. Now, I just need to decide and get to work :)

  3. I really loved your idea of doing a couple of motifs a week on a piece. I stole the idea and made that the goal of my new start for 08, Alchemical Romance.

    Good luck with your new start!

  4. That sounds like a great idea! This is a nice piece. There's also the Halloween gameboard. Hm...

  5. i have my fingers in my ears and i am going lalalalalalala..
    i know great visual.. lol..
    yours looks great and i am determined to ignore your temptations...

  6. What a wonderful idea and I love the look of the new sampler from Maryse. I'm going to save that one.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Great Start, its lovely. I am tempted but I have some pressies to get stitched first lol.

    hugs xxxxxx

  8. So what color is the fabric you're using? I cut some white 28-count evenweave, but then I noticed there's a white snowman. I could always outline in grey, I suppose.

  9. Great start! What a fun piece this will be!

  10. I'd seen this cute SAL on Maryse's site already, but seeing your start on it convinced me to do it as well. I started it tonight and got 2½ blocks done already. Looking forward to working on this one, bit by bit, throughout the year!


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