What could this be?

Something that needs a third post for the day - a record for me. See the cute little hanging on the ribbon?

It's my Winter exchange from Su! And what a beauty it is too. A gorgeous embellished bag. As usual photos don't do it justice. The beads are lovely and the snowflake buttons at the top have a little sparkle on them. And the stitching is so neat and lovely - it looks like 40ct fabric. So perfectly wintery! And a lovely design that's one of my favourite winter charts.

And I have some lovely fabrics too. A really pretty piece of Jubilee that's going to be put aside for a HAED (Water by Sara Butcher) and some lovely brushed cottons that are so soft.

Thank you so much Su! I really appreciate it all - a wonderful parcel!


  1. What a lovely winter exchange from Su!!! That bag is gorgeous!!! Congrats :)

  2. Oh Nicki you are lucky to have such a lovely piece of winter stitching. I love cross stitch houses. The beading on the bottom edge looks like icicles. Perfect.

  3. beautiful finishing! How nice to have a "Su bag"!!

  4. Su's stitching and finishing are lovely - enjoy!!

  5. Anonymous4:17 am

    What a gorgeous exchange! Su did a great job, as always :)

  6. So pleased that you liked it Nicki. ((HUGS))

  7. Su's stitching is always stunning and so beautifully finished off. you are one lucky lady!


  8. Oh wow that is absolutely gorgeous! You are so lucky Nicki!

  9. what a beautiful package!
    i admire people who do the whole thing from wrapping to decorating as well as the beautiful gift inside..
    and what a beautiful piece of stitching it is

  10. Hi, I came here your blog from Su's!
    What a lovely piece you've received!!
    She is so talented, isn't she?!
    I love the bead bottom, very much!
    It's stunning!
    You are lucky! :D

  11. Lucky you! What a great gift from Su!!

  12. Great exchange piece! And Su finished it so beautifully too ~ what an amazing creative talent!

  13. Beautiful exchange


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