You make my day!

I'm very flattered and honoured today because Kim has given me a 'You make my day!' award. Thank you so much Kim. As you said - that has made my day.

The Rules:
Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.

According to the rules I need to pass on the award to 10 people whose blogs make my day. I wondered about doing this, as I don't want people to feel left out and I do skim a LOT of blogs. I don't comment too often because of lack of time, but I do enjoy many people's blogs. So please don't feel offended if you're not mentioned!

In no particular order:

Barbara - I don't know how you find time to do what you do and post so regularly. You're amazing!

Isabelle - Your sewing skills have just grown and grown and I love seeing your creations. Many hugs to you!

Anne - You keep bouncing back and if anyone deserves a great year it's you. Wish you were closer!

Su - What an amazing stitcher and finisher you are! Wish I had half your talent!

Helen - And talent obviously runs in the family because I love seeing your stitching and finishing too. And the beautiful photos!

Sylvie - Lovely stitching and a beautiful cat. And I love the cards and sewing you've started to do too. Hugs to you!

Holley - I think you've made me laugh or smile more than any other blogger with your thoughts and musings! Thank you!

Nicole - Picture after picture of lovely stitching! How on earth do you get so much done?!

Cathy - I know whenever I see a post from you there'll be something nice to look at or interesting to read or lots of new stash to laugh at!

Carol - Last but by no means least - one of the most generous stitchers out there. I really can't fathom out how you have time to stitch all those lovely gifts!

Lastly, there are two private blogs that I read. Both people are exceptional stitchers and it's a joy to see their pictures. One is an incredible over-one stitcher and the other is just an inspiration with her WIPs and finishes (and a bad influence in her enabling too!) I hope you know who you are!

(Yes I know that makes 12 but, as I said, I read a LOT of blogs and enjoy them all!)


  1. Wow, thank you Nicki! That was so sweet of you to say! :) You make my day too - I love reading your blog also! :)

  2. Oh shucks - thankyou Nicki, thats really kind of you, your stitching and finishing is amazing, I love your blog.

  3. Nicki, oh WOW I am catching up with your blog and just realised you gave this award to me :-)) Thank-you so so much it has really made my day that you did this and means a lot to me :-))

    I am glad you like my photos as well , it has now become another hobby of mine. I only have a little, cheap (relatively speaking), quite basic camera but I LOVE it and I dash about when I think the lighting is good, my DH thinks I am too funny ;-)

    I must say your blog is one I very much enjoy and I love how you present yours !!

    Thanks again Nicki


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