Saturday, March 01, 2008

March brings breezes...

...loud and shrill,
To stir the dancing daffodil.

Well that's certainly true today! It's beautifully sunny but the wind is shrieking through the cat flap and the little daffodils in my hanging basket and flower bed are being blown around in circles! I've had this verse, which I hadn't thought of for years, stuck in my head after super enabler Cathy pointed me in the direction of Prairie Schooler's new charts yesterday. Aren't they great?

And talking of great charts - I woke up this morning to this in my mailbox:

An early birthday Heaven and Earth Designs chart from a lovely friend! Thank you so much Jeannie-Maree, I've wanted her for ages. I'm tempted to be completely mad (March madness you know) and start her for my birthday...

Just a little stitching to show you. Here's a small gift I stitched for Becky for her birthday. (I did get your email Becky - did you not get my reply?)

It's Heart in Hand's January Wool Wimsey. It was a bit late getting there because I had to order toy stuffing online. I ran out, and would you believe it but nowhere near me sells it? I'm completely devoid of decent craft shops!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Anonymous12:23 am

    That's a sweet gift you made for Becky :)

    Lovely chart from Jeannie-Marie too - lucky you!

    Enjoy your weekend - it's pretty blowy here too today!

  2. Thank you again dear Nicki :)

    No, I haven't received a reply from you :) Did you use my steele4 acct???

    ((((many hugs))))

  3. That's a great chart!!! What a nice gift.

  4. Cute little bday gift! Lovely chart too.

  5. Did you ever hear the Flanders and Swan version of the rhyme PS used for the March Chart (They are the chaps who did the Hippopotamus song "Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud...") quite amusing. Very like Raise the roof's Crabby all year now that I think about it.

    I just love the chart Jeanie Maree sent - I've been dithering trying to pick my favourite from that set (probably Garnet).

    And what a sweet gifty for Becky - Nice one Nicky!

  6. What a nice gift for Becky, love the fob. The new PS charts are gorgeous too.

  7. What fab birthday gifts. I especially love the HAED you got. Happy early birthday!

  8. It was blowing a gale here too. I love the new PS designs, v.tempting.

    Very pretty chart you received there and a lovely fob for Becky :)

  9. Beautiful gift for Becky! I just love Ruby - I am so wanting to start her too, she's just gorgeous!

  10. Lovely gift fromk Becky and I love the chart you receieved from Jeannie-Maree. She is such a sweetie.

    I was blessed to get a chart from the RAK Fairy on Friday:)

  11. Love the gift you made for Becky, too cute. The new PS designs are so pretty. Love them all.