March stitching report

Another month nearly over already! I started way too much this month and didn't finish much, though I did make progress on a few things. Here's one of them - Royal Holiday.

And here's the round up:

Random Thoughts
Secret Garden
Moda Madeira pinwheel quilt
St Reatham

LHN RR round 1
Season of Hope (LHN)

Made progress on
CHS alphabet
Blackstone Fantasy Garden
Royal Holiday

In unrelated news - a big thank you to Anne and Deb for yet more birthday presents! Deb has sent me Shores of Hawk Run Hollow (I've got the fabric on order!) and Anne has sent me Chatelaine's Rose Lights. Both absolutely gorgeous charts. Now if only someone could send me an extra lifetime to stitch all this lovely stuff!


  1. Nicki, Royal Holiday is gorgeous! I love this Mirabilia. I was thinking of stitching her too one day! :)

  2. Nicki - Royal Holiday is perfect on that linen - great choice!!

  3. Anonymous4:07 am

    Royal Holiday is looking gorgeous Nicki! Congratulations on your progress :)

  4. Wow she looks great! What a beautiful project. And how nice that you got more goodies.

  5. Royal Holiday is stunning Nicki, I love the fabric you're doing her on.

    I'm so tempted to start Shores myself... maybe when I get to the half way point of VoHRH? Hmmm...

  6. This is so pretty, I do love watching you ladies stitch bigger designs, cos I would never do one... (I don't think) ;-)

    Have a nice week Nicki

  7. Royal Holiday is so pretty. Looking forward to seeing more progress on this one.

  8. RH is looking gorgeous! I love Mirabilia's :-D

  9. Royal Holiday is coming along nicely. Such a pretty design!

  10. Royal Holiday looks great! So does your LHN finish!!

  11. Royal Holiday looks beautiful. I love it on that fabric! I could use some extra time in the day too!


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