Note to self...

When planning a weekend using the sewing machine make sure you have thread!

It just goes to show how little I use my machine. I can't remember the last time I bought a spool of sewing thread but it was obviously a while ago as when I sat down to sew on Saturday I realised it wasn't going to last long... I got nine pairs of strips sewn together and that was it!

Ah well, better than nothing and I'm going to iron them and cut them up, and cut out the squares I need so I'm ready to put it all together next time. The house is overflowing with cross stitch stash but no cream thread for the sewing machine!

We had our first barbecue of the season yesterday. Yes, you read right! Martin is officially mad. We woke up to this...

And several hours later he was out there barbecuing! It had stopped snowing but it was rather bizarre. He was determined to give our friends an Easter barbie!


  1. Yay, Martin!

    That's what our Easter morning looked like, too! Everyone did an egg hunt in the snow which ended up as mud by the mid-afternoon. The kids had a blast. Mom's floor, however, did not! ;)

  2. Oh !! Everyones snow layed apart from where I am...big sulk going on here ;-) Good for Martin and his BBQ come what may, I bet you had a laugh :)
    Nice strips of fabric now you definately have me wondering what they will become !!

    Have a nice day Nicki :)

  3. Well, it looked like winter but maybe it 'tasted' like summer with the bbq???

    Love all those fabrics! And you've been busy with all your WIP's too!

  4. Now that's a good friend out there grilling for his friends in the snow! :)

  5. LOL! I make my DH go out to BBQ no matter the weather ;-). Love all the fabric, the colors are gorgeous.

  6. I found your blog and stop to say Hi! Seems like we love same – needlepoint and stitching! WOW – I love the fabric you show! Is it MODA collection? Beautiful!
    We have snow in Michigan too…

  7. lol.. a snow BBQ i love it..
    we had a BBQ for easter up at Cradle Mountain , but the weather was waaay more appropriate..
    At least you got 9 pairs of strips stitched together, that is 9 less yyou need to do when you get cotton!

  8. Go, Martin, go! Bully Spring into doing her job!! ;)

    LMAO at the thread story - that really is funny!

  9. Oh, we didn't get as much snow as you - ours hit the ground and melted, but it was a pretty rough weekend weather wise! I'm laughing at your 9 strips' worth of sewing thread in the entire house... :)

  10. Hee! Eric grills outside rain or shine - so it must be a guy thing!


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