April stitching report

I'm the last to post my progress photo this week for our Where My Heart Blooms SAL. Pop over to Karen, Sue and Tina to see three other pretties. I've been doing one length of Shaker White thread on the house then one length of something else so I get the house done but don't get fed up with all that white. It's fun!

Thanks for all the comments on the Moss thread by the way. I've left it as you can see. It's noticeable but no one thought it was in a bad way, so it's just making my version a little unique.

Also on display is my travel piece. It's growing steadily. I reckon it'll take at least a year but seeing as I only do it on the train and during the odd lunch hour I'm pretty pleased.

I forgot to take a photo of my CHS block for this month, and you're overdue a progress pic on Random Thoughts, so I'll try to do them later this week.

So that rounds up this month:

Where My Heart Blooms (Blackbird Designs)

Spot of Spring (Drawn Thread)

Made progress on
Blackstone Fantasy Garden
St Reatham
Secret Garden
CHS alphabet
Random Thoughts


  1. Wow, you're making incredible progress on the BBD project!!

  2. Where My Heart Blooms looks great!! Your switching off the white and other colors sounds like a good way to stay sane in all those white stitches :)

  3. Anonymous9:12 am

    Both pieces look wonderful Nicki! After spending the entire evening stitching white (yawn!) I think I'm going to follow your example and alternate with another colour ;)

    Love SR too - that red is looking really pretty!

  4. That wee house will be done in no time! ;-) It's looking lovely!

    What colour are you using for St Reatham? It's gorgeous. Can't believe you're doing over-1 on the train though, you're crazy! ;-)

  5. Great progresses on your two lovely pieces. :)

  6. I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE your BBD wip :) and SR is growing by leaps and bounds! WOW!

  7. WmHB is looking lovely :) I've been alternating a bit too, the house is a major construction for me!

    Love the colour in SR and it looks v.delicate over one, am amazed you can stitch over one on a journey!

  8. They both look lovely Nicki, great progress

  9. Lovely progress on both pieces Nicki!

  10. They are both very beautiful!

  11. Everything looks great!

  12. Both of your pieces look amazing. I love the red you picked.

  13. Your travel piece is just stunning! I'm amazed you can do 1/1 on the train!!!

  14. Hola nicky me encanta el avance de tu bordados, y felicidades ya estan saliendo las plantitas... que cosechas?

  15. They're both lovely, and you're making great progress on the BBD project! Lovely work!


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