One year on...

A year ago today we arrived back home in the UK after nearly three years in New Zealand. This time last year we were waiting to pick up the cats from immigration after a journey of about 36 hours. It seems a lifetime ago.

I'm happy to say we made the right decision. I don't really miss New Zealand at all. No matter how long we were there I think I would have always felt like a foreigner. I'm sure some of you understand - especially Barbara. Reading her recent posts has made me realise how lucky I am not to have had ties of children and a partner who was attached to somewhere different.

I hope you won't read this as a criticism of New Zealand. It's a beautiful country with some lovely people but it wasn't home. And England is just as beautiful. We forget the good bits about where we live sometimes and just think of the bad. New Zealand has all the same problems as England. It really isn't that bad here!

I do miss a few things though - like getting to know my sister and stitching get togethers with Kerry.

But even some of the stuff I miss had its disadvantages. The sunny days perfect for sitting outside (even in winter) caused Martin to develop eye problems so we couldn't go out in the sun. Being able to visit vineyards for lunch was great but our income was so low compared to the UK we hardly ever went out. Less traffic and cheap petrol was good too, but you had to drive everywhere - even to get a cup of coffee. The view from our rented house across the harbour was wonderful, but the noise from boats and parties and the neighbours wasn't!

I could go on, but I just wanted to mark the day with a post. All in all, life is good in the UK!


  1. Anonymous2:38 am

    I think I would find it very hard to settle in another country. DH and I often moan about some aspects of living here, but there's so many things that are good about living here too :)

  2. I guess it really is true when they say 'There's no place like home' . I love our Island and all its beauty and varied landscapes in such a small place and all the history but I do wish we had some of those American stitching shops !!
    Have a happy weekend Nicki :)

  3. I miss our stitching get-togethers too, but I'm really glad you know you made the right decision.

  4. You sound very contented and that's always good :)

  5. It's nice to be somewhere that feels comfortable. I wonder how long it will take me to feel like I'm not just visiting here.

  6. Hi Nicki! I'm so glad that you're happy to be home again. Home meaning the place your heart feels at rest .... That's really such a wonderful feeling. And it's hard to believe it's been a year already since your return!

  7. Nicki, I am so glad that you found you made the right decision. Such decisions are so hard to make (and it's so easy to make the wrong one, and realize months later that you are not happy). I am really happy for you! :)

  8. So glad you're home and that you know you made the right decision.


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