Friday, April 18, 2008

Seed update

My seeds are sprouting already! And they've grown even more since I took this photo at 9.30 this morning. The best growing are some marigolds, but I have tomatoes and basil making an appearance too. I just hope they keep going!

And because I know most of you visit for stitching news, here's my latest stash. After a looooong delay thanks to UK customs (who sent my not very local LNS's entire order back to the US), I now have the first Loose Feathers chart of the year. And the second too. Both arrived together!


  1. Anonymous12:17 am

    Those seeds are coming along! I hope the weather isn't quite as bad as is forecast this weekend, so that I can plant mine. Maybe I can dodge the showers ;)

  2. What a shame you had so long to wait for your first Loose Feathers but at least you got the second one at the same time. Waiting for mine to arrive:) Enjoy stitching it:)

  3. Why would Customs do that??? Urgh!

  4. Customs. Argh! I do not like those guys.

    Your seedling pictures are so cute! :D

  5. Wow look at those seedlings go! :)

    And I love those charts!

  6. Those seeds are coming along great, it was sunny here today but v.cold wind.

    Glad you got your LFs :)

  7. Go Seedlings!!

    Yay, these new BBD LF's are great designs - I'm glad they finally made it to you safely!

  8. Congrats on your new stash :)

    What is your secret for getting the seeds to sprout? We have been *trying* to nurse a variety of veggies and herbs (the same stuff you are growing...and a few more), with not much luck...they all look so sad :(

    Any tips would be welcome!

  9. Yay... sprouts!! Isn't spring great? I started a bunch indoors this year, but think I overdid it a bit. Didn't think they'd grow, and now I have 72 tomato plants, 100 peppers, plus other assorted stuff, and no clue where to put them all. LOL