Cat visitors

A quick post as I'm working all hours right now and don't have much stitching to share. But I can show you our cheeky visitors.

Here's the tabby who was on the bed. A terrible photo taken early in the morning through the window but here he is!

And here's Rocco - a lovely cat but Lulu doesn't like him so we have to chase him away. Please ignore the weeds - I haven't managed to get that end of the garden sorted yet!


  1. You're going to need a kitty guest room!

  2. We have a cat that comes up to the back door, but as soon as Spin or Rigby see it ... it's total pandemonium!

  3. Hehe. I especially like how they are both looking at the camera :)

  4. Yes, I like the way they are looking back at you too. They don't look in any great hurry to be off for sure! Our kitty started going out about 10 days ago and the cats in the next garden were on their hols. They're back today and Leo went over to say hello but the big cat next door wasn't particularly pleased to see him!


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