A thank you and a near finish

A second post today as I don't know when next I'll have time and I did want to say thank you to Barbara for this lovely little chart she sent me. It's very me and I think it might be perfect to decorate a thread keeper I have. Thank you Barbara!

I also wanted to show you my near finish. Where My Heart Blooms is almost done. In fact, it would be done if I hadn't run out of Moss thread! I suspect the full skein I thought I had wasn't a full skein after all. I must have used a length on something else because I'm just short. There are a couple of leaves to do and a stem. I've ordered another skein but typically the place I ordered it from is out of stock, so I'll just have to wait and cross my fingers that the dye lot is similar too.


  1. The chart Barbara sent you is gorgeous!

    I don't know how much of the moss you need Nicki... I have a wee bit left over from WMHB that I'm happy to send? It may be enough, but I don't know.. not sure about the dye lot either. It's looking beautiful!

  2. Hope your new skein matches, the dyelots have been consistent lately :-).

    Love your exchange from Su too.

  3. Lovely chart from Barbara :)

    Oooh that's frustrating, it's looking great too! I'd offer to send you whatever is left of mine but I'm sure your order will arrive before I get to finish, I'm that slow!!

  4. What a lovely chart!

    And your BBD looks incredible!!!

  5. Your near-finish is stunning already, and I'd be so impatient to get that thread if I were in your shoes! I hope you don't have to wait too long.

  6. Where my heart blooms is just gorgeous - just perhaps a little kitty walking along the ridge!! Glad to hear mine isn't the only daredevil.
    Happy Anniversary by the way. Where does all that time fly to.

  7. Your BBD looks wonderful Nicki. I think I only just had enough Moss for mine.

    Love your exchange from Su. It's just gorgeous.

  8. Anonymous10:11 am

    Great chart from Barbara - just your colour! ;)

    WMHB is looking fantastic - I wish I'd known about the Moss before you ordered it, as I ordered (and needed) a second skein myself and you would have been welcome to enough to finish it off. LMK if I can help out anyway.


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