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I have a thank you to post as I've received a gorgeous Spring exchange from Su as the last part of our seasonal exchange. But for some reason Blogger isn't loading properly for me and I can't post photos. So, if you want to see you'll have to pop over to Su's blog. Her photos are far better than mine anyway! I can't do a link either though so I hope you all know where to go... (visit Contemplating My Needle and Thread)

Thank you so much Su - it's really gorgeous and as soon as I can figure out why Blogger is playing up for me I'll do a proper post.

I also need to thank Barbara of Mainely Stitching for a really sweet chart. Again, photo coming asap. I think it'll be perfect over one for a thread keeper I have. Thank you Barbara!

Another busy week here. Apologies to everyone as I really don't have much time to comment on blogs right now. I've just finished work (3 weeks solid now) and we're off out soon for an anniversary dinner - 12 years, where does time go? The restaurant I wanted to go to is closed on Sunday evenings, and it's raining, so we'll just run to our nearest one but it'll be lovely not to cook and have an evening out.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Nicki! Have a lovely evening!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Nicki! Enjoy your evening :)

  3. I saw the beautiful exchange you received from Su! It's incredible!

    And a happy anniversary to you!!

  4. Happy anniversary, and have a great evening!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I saw your beautiful gift on Su's blog and it's quite a stunner, congrats!

  6. Happy Anniversary Nicki, I hope you get those cheeky feline visitors sorted out and get back to having decent sleeps.

  7. I hope you had a wonderful evening and Happy Anniversary to you both.
    I'm really glad you liked your pocket.

  8. 12 years!! Wow! Here, 12 1/2 years is one of the "major" anniversaries. Congratulations - and I hope you enjoy a wonderful evening out! :D


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