May stitching report

Well, May wasn't a very productive month for me. I don't seem to have finished much at all or made a lot of progress. Work got in the way far too much! I guess at some point though it'll all catch up and I'll have a bunch of finishes.

Here's a little progress though - Random Thoughts is growing steadily at two motifs a week.

Actually, looking at the photo, that 'L' in the box next to the 'N' looks a bit like an 'I'. Maybe I need to add an extra stitch...

And here's the round-up:

Autumn exchange for Isabelle
Make a Wish pinkeep exchange

Spring exchange for Barbara

Made progress on
Where My Heart Blooms
St Reatham
CHS alphabet
Random Thoughts

I'm going to try to keep track of my WIPs and stash too from now on. It's a bit scary how both have mounted up and I need to reduce both as much as possible.

Total WIPs: 31
Total of unstitched charts in stash: 133


  1. Anonymous4:08 am

    Lovely progress on RT Nicki, it's really coming along!

    Another stash reducer ;)- there's plenty of room on the bench, so come and join us!

  2. Random Thoughts is gorgeous!!

    That is one big stash you have!

  3. I haven't seen Random Thoughts before...isn't it lovely? Super nice stitching!

  4. RT is so beautiful! I always love seeing your progress on this. : )

  5. Hi Nicki:

    Oh your Random Thoughts is just beautiful! I have loved that one for a long time and I think I may have to get it. I saw it several years ago made up in a shop but had forgotten. I love it and you have inspired me with your lovely stitching

    Thank you so much for your kind words regarding the loss of my beloved Blossom. It means so much just to know someone cares. I just so appreciate it very much!!

    Debby :)

  6. Wow Random Thoughts is looking stunning Nicki!

  7. Lovely stitching, it's coming along very nicely!

  8. Random Thoughts is looking stunning. I would probably add another stitch to the L next to the N too, it does look a little like an I.


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