Pea pods!

I'm so excited! Remember the seeds I planted back in April. Well, not only do I have loads of tomato plants that seem to be doing well, but I have my first ever pea pods! (To the right - they're still tiny but they're there.)

Fresh peas from the garden!

And here are some of the tomatoes, with a big bag of salad (we've eaten the first pot of leaves already) and herbs and peas in the background.

And yet more tomatoes (I think every single seed came up!) and courgettes and French beans.

I've not done so well with other things. It's a lost battle with the slugs over the broad beans, and the beetroot and carrots seem to be struggling too. But it's the first year I've tried this and even a few veg will be great!


  1. I have a sudden craving for a fresh salad. ;)

    Your gardening efforts look great, Nicki!

  2. Congrats on the pea pods!!

  3. Anonymous8:12 am

    Congratulations! We had the first strawberries off our plants today, although the slugs did get the lettuces when we were away the other week :\

  4. Yum! And St R is looking fabulous, it's a shame how work gets in the way of things!!!

  5. Congrats on your garden growing! st. reatham is looking lovely, too.

  6. Teeny baby peas! Congratulations; your garden looks a charm. Well done!


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