The best things...

..come in threes!

Apologies for those wanting stitching but this is worth sharing!

Three cats scoffing their weekly tin of tuna fish (left to right - Trevor, Lulu, Polo). See how well Trevor is fitting in! Isn't he little? Lulu is all fluff but he's much smaller than guzzle-guts Polo. He bought us a 'present' this week of a shrew, so he's definitely at home here. Though he has been a tart and spent a couple of evenings being fussed next door!

And the first proper 'harvest' from those seedlings I planted. (We've had loads of lettuce but this is the first main veg - and fruit.) The first courgettes, peas and strawberries. I'm so pleased! We had more peas tonight. Those courgettes had so much flavour! Nothing like the watery things from the supermarket. And the strawberries transported me back to childhood. I can honestly say the last one I had tasted exactly the same as the pick-your-own we used to pick when I was little. I can't remember having a taste like it since. It was a yummy meal with some new potatoes, broad beans, corn on the cob and chicken (free range of course!).


  1. Don't the cats look pleased with their dinner!

    Wonderful harvest!!!

  2. Great to see the happy feline family! And your vegetable harvest is really great!

  3. Looks amazing and sounds yummy, congrats on your harvest so far. Cats are cute too, CJ

  4. What a great photo. Cat photos are always a very acceptable alternative to stitching photos :) Food looks good too.

  5. Anonymous9:09 am

    Awww... they are adorable

  6. I love this picture!
    I have 6 cats and I know what an accomplishment it is to get them all in one shot!

    It has been my experience when you bring a new cat into the house that there is about 3 weeks of kitty hell, and then it is as if they had always lived together!
    I enjoy your blog, stitching and cats!


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