July stitching report

This is a bit moany I'm afraid, but I have to admit I'm fed up and shattered. After 3 months, working 7 days a week pretty much constantly is beginning to get me down. Especially this week - I thought it was going to be nice and quiet as lots of people are on holiday, so I thought I'd get loads done. Instead I've spent the whole week fielding problems on other people's projects, which of course means I'll have to work all weekend to catch up on my own stuff. I'll get paid, but it's far too hot and nice to sit in a tiny bedroom all weekend and I want a day off!

I haven't even managed to finish last month's CHS letter (I'm sorry Karen!), never mind do one this month, and the HAED SAL had to be ditched this month and last too. Thank goodness for the train - it might mean I don't get home til almost seven but at least I get some stitching done!

Oh well, there has still been a little time for stitching and I finally finished off a couple of things that have been hanging about, as well as a couple of quick exchanges. The autumn one and Shepherd's Bush one still need to be made up and of course I can't show you either, so no new stitching photos I'm afraid!

Make a Wish strawberry for Susan
Autumn exchange for Isabelle
LHN RR round 4
Wanda's HAED RR
Shepherd's Bush exchange

Made progress on
St Reatham
Random Thoughts
Secret Garden
CHS alphabet

Total WIPs: 28
Total of unstitched charts in stash: 140

At least these totals are going down!

Goals for next month (I need them right now!):
Make up and post autumn exchange
Make up Shepherd's Bush exchange ready for post
Stitch on the HAED SAL
Finish W on CHS alphabet
Stitch X on CHS alphabet
Finish Random Thoughts
Order bellpull ends for Random Thoughts and Spots
Finish Secret Garden
Take at least two days off during the month!

I also need to do a post to say thank you for the awards I've received, but I need to think about who to nominate in return!


  1. Sorry things have you down and feeling overloaded. ((HUGS))

  2. {Hugs} I truly know the feeling and feel for you. I hope things calm down for you soon.

  3. Oh my gosh, Nicki! I hope you get some much needed time off VERY soon!

  4. Anonymous9:51 am

    {{{{Nicki}}}} I hope you can get a break soon - it's no fun working 7 days/week, especially in this hot weather.

    Don't worry about the CHS SAL - I'm not quite done with this month's myself and as I said before, I was a bit behind anyway, so you're just giving me a chance to catch up :)

  5. Thinking of you Nicki! ((hugs))

  6. You still got more done than I have, and I don't even work full time. Please accept my honest congratulations.

  7. Sorry you are feeling so dragged down by work but you still got alot accomplished! Hang in there!

  8. I hope you get some rest soon, and a chance to just sit and stitch. You've got a lot done this past month, good for you!

  9. Hang in there kiddo - it's gotta get better soon! That's what I've been telling myself too ... it's no fun feeling flat and tired all the time :( Hope work eases off soon - I suppose the good thing is that at least you get paid for the extra hours, so it will give you some extra moolah, but sometimes it's not worth the quality of life you lose ... Fingers crossed for a positive change soon - and a few big {{hugs}} thrown in for good measure :D xx

  10. I hope you get some time off soon! I'm amazed you've been able to stitch at all, you've made great progress on your goals :)

  11. I hope you get a break soon! *hugs*


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