Friday, July 04, 2008

Mid-year stitching report

Phew, work is busy! I don't think I've ever got to the third of a month and not posted a monthly report. Still, when we eventually get paid we might be able to afford a little holiday. It's been 5 years since the last one...

It's the middle of the year so time to see how things are going.

Pear threadpack (LHN)
Spot of Winter (Drawn Thread) - Winter House exchange
Winter Welcome (CCN) - winter exchange for Barbara
Winter Wonderland (LHN) - gift for Sylvie
Tulip bookmark (Sue Hawkins) - gift for Karen
January Wool Wimsey (Heart in Hand) - gift for Becky
LHN RR round 1
Season of Hope (LHN)
Spot of Spring (Drawn Thread)
Garden Flowers (Stone and Thread) - spring exchange for Barbara
Spot of Summer (Drawn Thread)
Quaker pinkeep - Make a Wish exchange for Sally
Where My Heart Blooms (Blackbird Designs)
LHN RR round 3
Knotwork bourse - Make a wish exchange for Kate
Cappuccino (LHN)

Maryse's sampler
Royal Holiday (Mirabilia)
Random Thoughts (Drawn Thread)
Secret Garden (Blackbird Designs)
Moda Madeira pinwheel quilt
St Reatham (Long Dog Samplers)
HAED RR for Wanda
Autumn exchange for Isabelle
Strawberry - Make a wish exchange for Susan

Made progress on
CHS alphabet
Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler
Blackstone Fantasy Garden

Total WIPs: 31
Total of unstitched charts in stash: 141

Hmmm... Although I've finished quite a few things I've also started an exchange or two and I don't think I counted the two quilts in my WIP list last month, so the WIP number stays the same. And I found a bunch of small charts in the cupboard that weren't on my stash list, so the number of charts has actually gone up. Eeek!

I'll leave you with photos. This is the second exchange I've stitched for the Make a Wish board. Kate wished for a bourse in knotwork and said some of her favourite colours were green and purple. So this is what I did. The design is a freebie from Ink Circles (slightly adapted as I thought it was nice as it was) and the fabric is 32ct Eucalyptus from Countrystitch. It came out a bit small, so I hope Kate wasn't disappointed!


  1. If she's disappointed, she can send it to me! That's AWESOME!!

    Five years since your last hols? That's insane! Come to Gouda. I'll vaccuum a patch of doghair off the couch and we'll stitch together. ;)

  2. Anonymous8:18 am

    I was thinking of emailing you if you hadn't posted by the end of the week - you've been so quiet!

    Hope you manage to get a holiday this year.

  3. lovely bourse the colours are perfect

  4. Oh, wonderful job on the bourse! It is beautiful!

  5. The bourse is just beautiful - great color choices!

  6. Great job on the bourse. I like the colors that you used. I finished my square on your LHN RR and mailed it off to Joan. You can see a picture of it on my blog.

  7. Beautiful bourse! And that's quite an impressive list of finishes for the first part of the year!

  8. Your partner won't be disapointed, I admit!
    This is amazingly beautiful!
    I love it, clours are so beautiful as well as your finising!!