Monday, September 01, 2008

August stitching report

It's not been a bad month stitching wise. I got a couple of things finished and I made a fair bit of progress on others. One of those was St Reatham. So nearly finished page 2.

I can't get a picture that shows the proper colour of the thread and fabric. The one above is taken in daylight and the one below is taken with a flash. The real colours are about midway between the two.

So here's the round up:

Secret Garden
Random Thoughts

Chris' Quaker RR

Made progress on
St Reatham
CHS alphabet
Pompeii Garden
Shaker Spool Holder

Total WIPs: 27
Total of unstitched charts in stash: 139

And here's a review of my goals made for August:
Make up and post autumn exchange made up but not posted yet...
Make up Shepherd's Bush exchange ready for post done!
Stitch on the HAED SAL nope...
Finish W on CHS alphabet done!
Stitch X on CHS alphabet done!
Finish Random Thoughts done!
Order bellpull ends for Random Thoughts and Spots done!
Finish Secret Garden done!
Take at least two days off during the month! done! Took FOUR days off!!!!

Goals for September:
Post autumn exchange
Post Shepherd's Bush exchange
Finish Chris' Quaker RR
Stitch Cathy's LHN RR if it shows up
Stitch Autumn House exchange
Decide on chart for Pumpkin Patch exchange
Stitch a block on the CHS alphabet
Do some patchwork - anything counts!


  1. St Realtham is looking fabulous! And congrats on doing so well with your goals :)

  2. Anonymous3:18 am

    St. Reatham is looking gorgeous Nicki! You did great with your goals and congratulations on your four days off too :)

  3. St. R looks FABULOUS! :D

  4. Lovely progress, it is no annoying when photos don't show the finished peice how you want it to be shown.

  5. St. R. is coming along very nice!

  6. Great job on your August goals. Good luck in September:)

  7. A really wonderful job of this one, Nicki!!