Final Olympic result

I've just finished watching the Olympic closing ceremony so it's time to show off my progress at the end of the games. I finished one villa and got all the outer columns done, plus almost all the blue/turquoise bits in between them.

That's one Olympic goal met and nearly a second. Only a bronze medal this time around but not bad!

I really enjoyed the Olympics this time. Maybe a lot to do with the fact that Team GB did so amazingly well. And also a lot to do with the fact that the BBC coverage was superb. Looking forward to 2012 now - just down the road!


  1. Congrats on your stitching olympics bronze medal! I think it looks fab and the colours are just lovely :)

  2. Anonymous3:36 am

    This piece is coming along beautifully, keep up the wonderful work!

  3. The detail on this design is just beautiful! Great job, and congrats on winning a bronze (that's more than I can say!)

  4. Awesome job and wonderful stitching! This is soooo pretty!

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  5. I think you've made excellent progress. Your stitching is beautiful. Congrats on your Bronze medal!

  6. Anonymous3:19 am

    It's amazing work! Your stitching looks very beautiful! :)

  7. That looks so great! Congrats on some good progress!


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