Olympic progress and some finishes

I finished the first villa! It's taken nearly the whole two weeks but it looks so good. I'm working on the outer columns for the next three villas now.

And a couple of other finishes too. First up is Secret Garden by Blackbird Designs. I did this in my lunch hour and it seems to have taken ages. It needs to be made up but the stitching is done.

Secret Garden by Blackbird Designs
Fabric: 36ct Pipi from Countrystitch
Thread: Needle Odyssey Dip & Twist 077 - a gift from Barbara

And two more blocks on the Carriage House Samplings alphabet. W for last month's SAL with Karen and X for this month. Just three more to go and it'll be done!


  1. WOW, the villa is gorgeous, Nicki, you did a wonderful job!

  2. Anonymous6:14 am

    Congratulations on getting the villa done!

    Secret Garden looks great, as does your CHS ABC sampler. I've just about started H, hope to finish it by a week on Sunday. I might try and do 2 one month, as I'm only one behind you now.

  3. The villa is looking fantastic, Nicki. Wonderful work.

    The little Secret Garden is lovely and I can't wait to see your ABC sampler finished.

    Beautiful stitching as always.

  4. You have been VERY productive!

    Glad to see your red threads stitch up so prettily!!

  5. boo... thought i would sneak in to comment on how much i am loving your stitching of the chateliane piece, the colours are amazing..
    i am so excited to see you only have three letters to go in your alphabet.. i so love your 1x1 work..

  6. I love the CHS alphabet - it's beautiful.

    Great progress on your Chatelaine!

  7. Amazing the first vila :) good luck

  8. Great WIP's...love the Chatelaine! So much detail, so pretty I bet in person...your finish is great and wooohooo on almost being done with CHS alphabet...this is on my to stitch one day pile....

  9. Wow these are lovely!

  10. All your stitching is amazing, but I must admit I have a soft spot for Chatlaine, and your stitching really does it justice, the villa looks great!


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