Sunday, August 03, 2008

Thank you so much!

A big, big thank you to Jurga, Michele and Nicola for granting me the Brilliante Blogger award.

And also to Cherry and Deibpia for giving me the Kreativ blogger award.

I really appreciate it - especially as I haven't had much time to be very creative recently - I'm really itching to do some finishing and maybe some patchwork but don't seem to have time to get out the sewing machine.

I've dithered about whether to nominate anyone in return. On the one hand, all the stitchers out there produce beautiful work, and it seems unfair to just single a few out. But then, there are a few blogs I read that constantly inspire me and amaze me by the owner's creativity and especially by how they manage to get things done in their busy lives. So although I read a lot of blogs and enjoy every one, a special mention goes to:



  1. Thank you, Nicki. I love reading your blog, too. :D

  2. Oh, how sweet Nicki, thank are one of the first blogs I check when I'm able to read blogs :)
    THANK YOU!!!