A bit of Dublin

A photo for Anne! We only took a couple as it was too rainy most of the time and our camera battery is on its last legs. But here's the Campanile at Trinity College in between showers.

And here's a photo of Trevor. Please send him 'go home' thoughts as we haven't seen him since we've been back and I'm getting really worried. Our neighbour fed them while we were away, and he was in the house on Thursday afternoon, but he's not been home or seen since.


  1. Fingers and toes crossed that Trevor will return home very soon. My cat Dan was infamous for pulling these stunts, yet he always came home.

  2. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Trevor, go home! Keeping my fingers crossed that he turns up soon...

  3. Oh no, I ADORE Trevor ... please come home Trevor or there won't be just Nicki that's upset!!! Pleeeeease? :) Thanks for the Dublin photo - did you see the Book of Kells while you were there? That was the sole culture we had for the weekend - inbetween pub crawling for Irish bands haha.

  4. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Trevor, too! I hope he will come home soon!
    I love your blog and your stitching, I have just added it to my "Favourites" list!
    I will visit you again soon!

    P.S. In case your kind offer of sharing the freebie "Four Little Hearts" chart (you wrote it on March, 2006) was still valid, I would be sooo happy...! I love that pattern, but unfortunately it is impossible to find currently...Thanks in any case and once again congratulations for your wonderful works!
    Monica ( moni.massi@tin.it )

  5. I hope Trevor will be back soon, it's always what I fear when I comme home. TREVOR go home!

  6. I hope Trevor will be back soon!


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