Friday, September 05, 2008

A great start to a holiday!

Yes, you read right - holiday! I'm taking a whole 10 days off. The first holiday since Christmas and much needed after only 8 days off in total in the last four months. The weather looks like it's going to do its best to spoil things - I think I'm getting webbed feet it's been so wet and we've given up on the idea of going to an air show this weekend as it's due to be so wet and windy I doubt the planes will even fly - but I'm not thinking about work until the 15th! We're even going away to Dublin for two nights. It'll be our first night in a hotel for 3 years. I had wanted to go away somewhere for the whole week but getting Martin out of the house is like getting a winkle out of its shell!

As for that great start - I got not one, but two exchanges in the post.

First up is a Make a Wish exchange. I wished for another Shepherd's Bush needleroll and Carolyn stitched me the Violet needleroll.

Isn't it pretty? I do love these pretty floral needlerolls. And here it is with the one Becky stitched for me. The start of a small collection!

And the Shepherd's Bush theme continued, because in a huge envelope was a great Shepherd's Bush exchange from Goldie. Here's the lovely pillow she stitched for me - Be Strong. I love the way you finished it Goldie - it's done so beautifully.

Very appropriate actually as I have been very stressed recently with work. Martin hasn't had much work for quite a while, so we're lucky that I can earn enough to pay the bills and still have a bit left over, even if it does mean working 7 days a week!

And there were some great extras too - I already have plans for the lace and buttons. At least I think I do - hopefully at some time over the next week I'll get in a session with the sewing machine!

Thanks so much Goldie. A really great exchange! Mine is going in the post today. It should get there pretty quickly. I'm sorry to see it go - I may even have to stitch it again for myself!


  1. The needleroll from Carolyn is just spectacular :)
    And I got to see a preview of your pillow from Goldie!! Isn't it gorgeous?! Goldie did an exceptional job!

  2. Enjoy your holiday, Nikki and have a great time! :)

  3. Vacation, yeah!! Have a wonderful and relaxing time!! *hugs*

  4. Some lovely pessies!

  5. Two fabulous exchanges! Love them both! Enjoy your break Nicki!

  6. Anonymous12:41 am

    Both exchanges are lovely! Enjoy your holiday, you've certainly earned it.

  7. Gorgeous exchanges, such a great coincidence that they were both SB :)

    Have a great holiday, you deserve it!!!

  8. Glad you're able to finally take a holiday, hope it helps alleviate the stress at work.

    Great exchanges :)

    Enjoy Dublin, slainte!

  9. Great exchanges! Good on you for taking a break - much better for the state of mental health after working so hard! :D

  10. What a beautiful exchange from Goldie