Monday, September 15, 2008

More cutting and sticking

Thank you for being so pleased Trevor is home! He is microchipped - they all are - but I had visions of him locked in a shed or injured under something or... well, if you've had a pet that's gone missing you'll know what the imagination can come up with. But all is well and he's been bribed with tuna (more food!) and been chasing Polo, so he must be happy to be home! He looks content anyway...

Last day of my holiday today, so a last effort on Clifford to cut out the final pieces. Here he is - all stuck down.

Just lots and lots of quilting round all those edges to do. And a decision on which wadding to use.


  1. I am so happy for you and the little guy! I have been there with 6 cats! I know what it is like to have one go missing!
    love happy endings!

  2. That quilt is gorgeous!

  3. YAY!!! Trevor's home! Thought he might as well have a little holiday of his own huh? I'm glad he's safe :) And Clifford looks awesome! :D

  4. Hi Nicki,

    I think I've fallen for your cat
    Trevor. He's so sweet!! How
    could anyone abandon such a lovely
    boy?? I'm so glad that he found
    you and decided to move in.

    Your quilt project looks amazing.
    How big is it?? Will you make it
    into a wall hanging??

    I do enjoy visiting your blog.
    Your stitching is wonderful.


  5. Glad Trevor's home, he looks very contented.

    That's a beautiful quilt you are making.

  6. Glad to hear that Trevor has come home. Clifford is looking lovely

  7. I'm so happy Trevor is home!
    Your quilt is gorgeous!

  8. So glad Trevor is home and I´m sure you are right - he thought he had been abandoned again. Poor Trevor. He must be one happy boy to have you home :)
    And Clifford looks great!

  9. Three huge cheers for Trevor!

    Your quilt is so gorgeous, Nicki!

  10. Sad to read that Trevor was missing and so glad to read that he's home again. Funny how cats go walkabout sometimes. When I say funny I obviously don't mean funny!! He was maybe looking for you.
    I love your McKenna Ryan quilt. It's really coming along. I have a few of the patterns and always feel daunted by them. One day I might find the time to get started.