One cat and two birds

Here's yesterday's progress on Clifford. Isn't he lovely? I've just got 17 leaves to cut out (one is done) but I had to stop because my fingers were getting sore from holding scissors and cutting so carefully!

Thanks Sue for the quilting advice (hope the flooding has gone down and you're all OK in your bit of the country). I'm going to hand quilt because I'm really not that great with a sewing machine and for fiddly stuff like this I think it'll be much wiser. As for weight of wadding - I have no idea! I don't have any local craft shops so I guess I'll ring one up and ask. Or I'll wait until October - I'm planning on going to the Knitting and Stitching Show with (hopefully) a friend, so I'll find a friendly patchwork stand and bug them!

For anyone wondering where I got the fabric - I found a fantastic ebay shop. She put the fabric kit together specially for me and was so helpful.

We're out for a pub lunch later and a day out in Ely tomorrow, but I may be back this evening with another update. It's nice to have time to stitch and blog about it too!


  1. Your quilting piece looks wonderful. I shall look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Wow it's looking great Nicki! Lots of detail, I can see why your hands were sore!

    Thanks for the ebay tip, I've made that a favourite ;)

    It's been dry today, although overcast so I'm hoping work will be ok on Monday!

  3. WOW! That is beautiful! It looks so amazing.

  4. That's amazing! I can't wait to see more!!

  5. Wow, Nicki. I'm so impressed. This is just stunning!

  6. Wow, that's beautiful!

  7. For a wall hanging you don't need particularly thinck batting. Cotton is fine, as is wool. Don't use a dacron as it has very high loft and will make you quilt very "bouncy".

    My best suggestion is to go to a specialty patchwork and quilting shop if you can find one near you. Then you can take the top with you and ask the advice of the staff. Any decent shop should have knowledgeable people who quilt themselves working there.

    It looks just lovely by the way. I forgot to say that in my enthusiasm for offering advice.

  8. Oh wow, Clifford looks amazing! Great job! :D

  9. Wow this is absolutely beautiful - I had to look several times to see if the cat (Clifford?) was real or not. I love it!!!


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