September stitching report

Another month and here's an updated photo of Royal Holiday and my monthly round up:

Chris' Quaker RR
Autumn house exchange

Clifford wallhanging
Antique Flower Garden quilt

Made progress on
St Reatham
CHS alphabet
Shaker Spool Holder
Royal Holiday
Leanne's House quilt

Total WIPs: 24
Total of unstitched charts in stash: 139

Review of September goals:
Post autumn exchange DONE!
Post Shepherd's Bush exchange DONE!
Finish Chris' Quaker RR DONE! and posted home to Chris
Stitch Cathy's LHN RR if it shows up started it
Stitch Autumn House exchange DONE!
Decide on chart for Pumpkin Patch exchange DONE!
Stitch a block on the CHS alphabet DONE!
Do some patchwork - anything counts! Definitely DONE!

October goals:
Post Autumn House exchange DONE!
Finish and post Cathy's LHN RR
Stitch and post Pumpkin Patch exchange
Stitch a block on the CHS alphabet
Finish blocks for months 1-2 on Antique Flower Garden
Get at least halfway on Royal Holiday
Finish Shaker Spool Holder


  1. She is looking beautiful! I like how you recap your monthly goals and stats.

  2. oyal Holiday is looking gorgeous Nicki. Well done on your September goals accomplishment. I don't even set goals as I know I'd fail miserably.LOL

  3. She's coming along beautifully! What a gorgeous design!

  4. She's looking wonderful !

  5. Good luck with your October stitching goals. Royal Holiday is looking good - I adore that design :) I'll be here cheering you on to get to that halfway mark!


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