WIP photos part 1

Anne had a post the other day with all her WIPs, so I thought it was high time I took some photos of mine. (Anne - I inspired you and now you've inspired me!) Embarrassingly, you'll have to have been following my blog for quite a while to have seen some of these at all! I'll be doing several posts as Blogger seems to have a bit of a limit on number of piccies or something.

First up - my current focus pieces:

Royal Holiday by Mirabilia
Stitched on 32ct opalescent Green Apple from Silkweaver

St Reatham by Long Dog Samplers
Stitched on 28ct Haystack from Countrystitch

Winghaven by Sheepish Designs
Stitched on 32ct Maritime White from Lakeside Linens


  1. Your stitching is always so beautiful!!!

  2. I've loved seeing all your WIP's in one place (albeit different posts) - love, love, love it! There's a few in there we haven't seen for a while, so it's nice to revisit. Does it make you want to stitch on all of them all of a sudden? I keep getting the urge to relook over my post and get some of those lovely projects finished ... wonder how long that'll last LOL ;) Thanks for sharing - and for the initial motivation! :D


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