Lovely stash in the post

What could this be, all nicely wrapped up....

Some Shangri La charm packs and fabric from the girls at Buttonberry.

Their customer service is great - just look at the lovely note. I had emailed them asking how many charm packs they had in stock. I want to use all this to make a baby quilt for a new nephew (I'm an auntie again!) Hopefully these colours will go with the nursery and the fabric with agree with a modern home.

I've got more stash too. I sold some stuff on eBay so I got a jelly roll with the money - Heritage Collection for a Cause. And the next Loose Feathers chart and fabric arrived as well. What a great stash week!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful stash!!

    Should be a beautiful baby quilt : )

  2. That's going to be a lovely quilt for your nephew. Such nice colours.

    Just catching up on your posts and see you have new ipod. Lucky thing. And I agree that it is very irritating listening to half a conversation on trains and far nicer to listen to your own music.

  3. I love getting new stash in the mail! Very sweet charm packs too, they will make a spectacular baby quilt.

  4. Oh this is wonderful stash!!
    I also love charm packs and have spent a small fortune in my lqs!

  5. Nothing better than a great stash day! Can't wait to see that quilt when it's finished :)

  6. Yaaay, what lovely stuff!! I'm still waiting for my LF chart and supplies to reach me... could be any time, hopefully.

  7. I just love Buttonberry too and have purchased a quilt over 10 months but haven't even started it yet and have 4 parts so far. Wish me luck because I have never quilted in my whole life before and I'm scared to death of it. Have a great New Year. Love Patti xxx


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