Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lovely stash in the post

What could this be, all nicely wrapped up....

Some Shangri La charm packs and fabric from the girls at Buttonberry.

Their customer service is great - just look at the lovely note. I had emailed them asking how many charm packs they had in stock. I want to use all this to make a baby quilt for a new nephew (I'm an auntie again!) Hopefully these colours will go with the nursery and the fabric with agree with a modern home.

I've got more stash too. I sold some stuff on eBay so I got a jelly roll with the money - Heritage Collection for a Cause. And the next Loose Feathers chart and fabric arrived as well. What a great stash week!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful stash!!

    Should be a beautiful baby quilt : )

  2. That's going to be a lovely quilt for your nephew. Such nice colours.

    Just catching up on your posts and see you have new ipod. Lucky thing. And I agree that it is very irritating listening to half a conversation on trains and far nicer to listen to your own music.

  3. I love getting new stash in the mail! Very sweet charm packs too, they will make a spectacular baby quilt.

  4. Oh this is wonderful stash!!
    I also love charm packs and have spent a small fortune in my lqs!

  5. Nothing better than a great stash day! Can't wait to see that quilt when it's finished :)

  6. Yaaay, what lovely stuff!! I'm still waiting for my LF chart and supplies to reach me... could be any time, hopefully.

  7. I just love Buttonberry too and have purchased a quilt over 10 months but haven't even started it yet and have 4 parts so far. Wish me luck because I have never quilted in my whole life before and I'm scared to death of it. Have a great New Year. Love Patti xxx