November stitching report

My Mum's Christmas present is done. My first Tilda - made from a kit.

She was a little more fiddly than I expected and the instructions weren't so clear in places, but I'm pleased with how she's turned out.

I'll probably make her again in more Christmassy fabric for us to keep. Though I don't know if I'll have time this year.

I have the boy to make for my dad next.

Winter exchange for Isabelle
Christmas present for my mum

Christmas present for my dad

Made progress on
St Reatham
Royal Holiday
CHS alphabet
Antique Flower Garden
Madeira pinwheel quilt

Total WIPs: 23
Total of unstitched charts in stash: 141

(My stash reduction isn't going so well! I haven't finished anything I can cross off my stash list for months and it's actually gone up by two - the new Loose Feathers and the Ackworth Friendship chart from With My Needle for a RR next year. Both are exceptions to my project challenge, so I haven't broken the rules, but it will be nice to start going down rather than up!)

November goals
Stitch and post Winter exchange for Isabelle stitched but not posted
Stitch and post Joan's LHN RR this only just arrived so not even started yet
Stitch a block on the CHS alphabet DONE!
Finish a page of Napoleon some done but not a page
Finish at least three blocks of Antique Flower Garden DONE!
Do the finishing for something - anything counts!!

December goals
Post Winter exchange for Isabelle
Finish Christmas present for my dad DONE!
Do some finishing on Christmas ornaments
Start Joan's LHN RR
Finish CHS alphabet (hooray!)
Finish a page of Napoleon
Finish Winghaven
Start a baby quilt for my new nephew
Finish two more blocks of Antique Flower Garden
Finish piecing Madeira pinwheel quilt

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  1. Your Tilda is wonderful!!!!

  2. You are going to be busy next month. I look forward to seeing how you get on

  3. Congratulations, your Tilda doll is gorgeous!

  4. Congrats on Tilda! She's sooo pretty!
    I hope you accomplish your Dec. goals:)

  5. Wow, nice work on the Tilda doll. That seems a lot of work. I would love to see how you do the next one.

  6. I have fallen in love with the Tilda dolls, but haven't purchased any of the books myself as yet - after seeing yours, I think I'm going to have to just do it. Yours is lovely!

  7. Tilda is lovely!!!
    I read your blog and love it! You are brave posting your stash totals...I wouldn't have the nerve.....LOL

  8. Hi Nicki...pleased to meet you.
    I had visited your blog for a quick peek the other day and bookmarked you to come back. Your work is lovely and your stitching is amazing...very beautiful!!
    Your are most welcome to join in my Giveaway...good luck.
    hugs Robyn xx

  9. Lovely Tilda doll.

  10. What a gorgeous lady, your mum will love her!

  11. Anonymous11:23 am

    Gorgeous Tilda, congratulations! :)

  12. Oh Nicki - that Tilda is the CUTEST!

  13. Given my daughter is Matilda (Tilly), I think I may have to make one of these one day :)


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