Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas ornaments and cosy cats

A big thank you to Katrina for a lovely surprise in the post. It cheered me right up. Here's a lovely Christmas ornament from pretty fabric to brighten up our mantlepiece (we don't have room for a full size tree and I haven't yet managed to get one small enough for the bit of space we do have).

Thanks so much Katrina - it's just lovely and the colours are perfect - lots of red and gold this year.

I've done a little stitching this week - it's taken all week but here's a Christmas ornament for a friend.

It's a freebie from Blue Ribbon Designs stitched on 32ct Strawflower from Lakeside Linen using a mixture of recommended threads and ones in my stash. I was inspired by Andrea's lovely posts of the ornaments she's stitched. If you've never visited her blog, pop on over, her stitching and finishing are amazing!

It's not been a great week here. I'm not allowed to give details but work is still uncertain. I don't think I'll know or be allowed to say any more until the new year. There are several people affected and it's been very sad and horrid at work this week.

On the bright side, we are healthy, we are so careful with our energy use the gas company gave us back £50 this week as we were so much in credit (!), my half sister is over from New Zealand and just spent a lovely day with us, and all the cats are very cosy and happy....


  1. I hope that all works out at your work...doesn't sound like a good situation :( The ornaments are beautiful! Enjoy them this season!

  2. Anonymous8:24 am

    You know I'm thinking of you {{{{hugs}}}} I do hope everything works out OK work-wise.

    Lovely ornaments, I got one of those from Katrina too, aren't they great?!

    Glad you're having fun with your half-sister :) Trevor looks very contented there!

  3. Lovely ornaments. I hope the job situation sorts itself out.

  4. Lovely gifts, and a great ornament finish. I was lucky enought to receive that one from Andrea, and it is stunning.

  5. What a lovely ornament you received, and what a lovely one you created. :D

    Very sorry that your work week has been so awful, and I'm hoping for a happy resolution to present itself soon!

  6. Such a cute kitty pic:)
    Love Katrina's ornie! and yours too! Both are sooo pretty:)
    Best of luck re: work.

  7. Lovely Christmas ornaments! I love the Blue Ribbon designs that I keep seeing pop up! Good luck with work, that is just too much bad news in job situations these days.

  8. Lovely ornaments! I do hope the work situation improves...

  9. Hang in there...I'm hoping things work out for you {{hugs}}

  10. Really sorry to hear about the work situation, hoping things will improve for you. {hugs}

    Lovely BRD ornament, these are on my to do list and lovely gift from Katrina, we don't have space for a big tree either :)

    Trevor looks like one happy cat!

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