Winter exchange part 1

We're back from Christmas in Scotland with my mum and dad and I have a wonderful exchange to show you. It turned up just before we left but I didn't have time to take a photo and post.

This is my winter exchange from Isabelle. I've seen it stitched on a few blogs and just love it. Thank you so much Isabelle!

And there were lots and lots of goodies in there too - so generous! (The table runner and cat are mine! Lulu loves being in on the photos!)

Thank you so much Isa - I feel rather embarrassed as my package was very small!

We had an OK Christmas. A M&S meal as my mum and dad can't do much these days! We would have loved to have them to us but they won't travel and my mum can't get up stairs any longer. They've got very elderly all of a sudden and it's hard to believe that only 4 years ago they travelled all round New Zealand.


  1. Wonderful exchange you received, Nicki! I love Lulu being in on the photo shoot!

  2. What an exciting exchange you've received from Isabelle:) I love the ornie and I'm planning on making that one for our home.
    So sorry to hear your mum and dad don't move like they used to:(
    I hope 2009 gives them a new kick to their steps:)

  3. Anonymous7:29 am

    What a lovely exchange from Isabelle :)

    Sorry that your mum doesn't get about as well as she used to. It was more obvious to me this year that Dad is showing signs of age too (he's having problems with his hip) and it's a bit unsettling {{{hugs}}}

  4. That's a beautiful exchange, Nicki.

    I don't see my parents very often (they live in Australia), but I noticed 2 years ago that my dad had aged considerably from the previous visit (just 2 years prior to that). It is sad how quickly the aging seems to catch up with our parents. :(

  5. It looks like a lovely exchange you received.

    My cats all love to sniff envelopes that come in with exchanges/RRs etc too. They are so curious.

    My parents, both in their 60s have gone in the opposite direction - all of a sudden they have a new lease of life. It's hard to get hold of them some days because they are out and about so much. Even on Xmas Day my Mum was volunteering at animal rescue, so we had to wait until mid-afternoon to see her! I know there will come a time when they will slow down too, and it will be hard to watch.

  6. Lovely exchange, I'd like to stitch this one too :)

    I know what you mean about aging parents, my Mum can't walk far now.

  7. It's scary, how quickly age catches our parents, isn't it? My mom ... it just breaks my heart. I'm so glad that you were able to spend the holiday with your parents. :D

  8. Ooooh that is lovely! xx

  9. What a lovely exchange you received. I love what you are stitching and have stitched especially the CHS Alphabet. I live in Bushey in Herts. are you anywhere near me? Do you belong to The Sampler Guild?

  10. What a wonderful exchange!!

    I am returning to the stitching blogging world. I have not been around in a long time and hope that you will add me to your blog roll!

  11. What a lovely exchange, and the ornament is gorgeous!

    Lulu is beautiful and such a sweetheart!

    I'm sorry to hear about your parents, Nicki... It's heart-breaking when age catches up with our loved ones...


  12. Happy New Year, my friend. I hope 2009 is much, much better for you than the end of 2008!
    I am sorry to hear abour your parents... I can totally empathize (((hugs)))

    I am so excited to be meeting you soon. So excited!
    We went to the Picture House for the 1st time yesterday - couldn't miss the transmission of La Rondine!

    Take care, dear Nicki. (((hugs)))

  13. Anonymous3:52 pm

    So lovely works!!
    Cross stitch


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